2010 Jeep Commander


The Jeep Commander for 2010 is an SUV that was specifically designed to be great for families and great for driving off road. It is the vehicle to be in when a family wants to drive in rugged winter terrain or go camping in a four wheel drive vehicle. There are many automobile reviews and guides that will help you decide what to purchase because they contain comments from other owners, test drive results, specifications, and photographs.

The Jeep Commander for 2010 is available in the Limited premium or the basic sport trim packages. These models can both be bought in four or two wheel drive. The prices for these models are much less expensive that other comparable SUVs. This is only one reason for their popularity. The 2010 Jeep Commander is also avail in the optional premium Overland trip package. The base package for this model is powered by a V8 4.7 liter engine. However, the Limited edition comes standard with the available V8 5.7 liter engine. All models come standard with fog lights and a third row of seats.

The Jeep Commander for 2010 has two different engines that are available. The Sport model comes standard with a V6 3.7 liter engine that produces 235 foot pounds of torque and 210 hp. The Limited model comes standard V8 5.7 liter engine that produces 389 foot pounds of torque and 357 hp, and is the optional engine in the t model. The V9 engine accelerates very well but you do have to coax the V6 engine to do much in the way of acceleration. Although a driver will need to slow in corners, the braking is strong. The Jeep Commander for 2010 has a shape that is square which may lead to some instability laterally. The vehicle with the V8 engine can toe 7,400 pounds and the vehicle with the V6 engine can tow 6500 pounds.
The exterior of the Jeep Commander for 2010 has a large square shape. The standard features on this vehicle include standard windshield wipers, halogen headlights, a rear wiper, 17 inch alloy wheels, roof rails, a sunroof, outside mirrors that are heated and front fog lights.

The interior of the Jeep Commander for 2010 offers various functions for all occupants and is very spacious for passengers who occupy the front seat. While there is more than enough space in the front for most adults, there isn’t much legroom offered by the two rear seats. The seat in the third row is especially tight, and might be hard to seat everyone except children, and this is where a car seat is likely place to be set up. The capacity for this third row seating is minimal at best. The features that come standard on the Sport model include a DVD entertainment system, Sirius satellite radio, a CD player with an MP3 input, a passenger seat that is four way adjustable, and a heated driver’s seat that is eight way adjustable. The features that some standard on the Limited model include DVD audio, Bluetooth, driver seat memory, power adjustable pedals, leather seats, and dual zone air conditioning.

Although the Jeep Commander for 2010 hasn’t been assessed By NHTSA in side impact accidents, for frontal accidents it has received five stars. The safety equipment that comes standard for all of model of the Jeep Commander for 2010 include front and rear stabilizers, stability and traction control with brake assist, side airbags for all seating rows, front airbags fir the passenger and driver, and anti lock brakes.

Although there are some options available for both models of the Jeep Commander for 2010 the Sport model has less standard features that the Limited model does. The options that are available for both models include an engine block heater and daytime running lights. Standard features on the Limited model but optional features on the Sport model include DVD audio, Bluetooth, and a voice recorder. Optional only on the Limited model is rear seat audio controls.

The Jeep Commander for 2010 gets 19 mpg highway and 14 mpg city and there are other vehicles in the SUV class that have better fuel economy. There are also other vehicles that have better performance. But, the 2010 Jeep Commander has the ability to go anywhere and an outstanding safety record which no other vehicles in the SUV class that have the capacity for seven occupants can claim. It is an excellent vehicle for families who want the combination of being able to do some off roading and around town driving. Other vehicles may be able to do one thing better but none can do all that the Jeep Commander for 2010 can do nearly as well.

Several independent agencies have reviewed the quality and cost of the Jeep Commander for 2010. The two wheel drive Sport model has total operating expenses during the five first years of ownership that are estimated at approximately $50,000. The Sport two wheel drive model has a cost for car insurance for five years are estimated at approximately $1,500. The cost of insurance is higher for all models that have the optional wheel trim. The Sport and Limited all wheel drive models have been rated as below average, and the Sport and Limited two wheel drive models have been rated as average. The Jeep Commander for 2010 comes with 100,000 of five years of rust coverage, a 100,000 or five year power train warranty, and a roadside assistance warranty for 36,000 or three years.

The Jeep Commander for 2010 is great buy for people who have families that want a good daily driver and also want to vacation in the mountains or just do some off roading. The thing that sets this vehicle apart from others is its versatility and the fact that it is the only vehicle in its class that offers third row seating that will seat seven occupants. In addition, all of the available owner reviews have said that it is fun to drive and well built. Although they may be somewhat expensive, the 2010 lineup of Jeep Commanders offer off road capabilities and third row seating that other large SUVs just can’t compete with.

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