Jeep Commander


A personal review of the 2007 Jeep Commander
Introduced to the market in 2006, the mid sized Jeep Commander SUV appears as though it is going to be a real winner with consumers. The Jeep Commander was first seen at the 2005 New York Auto Show where this seven passenger SUV was met with much approval. While the Jeep Commander was met with approval at the auto shows, will it hold up well for the average consumer?

Jeep History & Information
Anyone that is familiar with vehicles of the past or present is familiar with the Jeep name. While Jeep is little more than a brand name to some the Jeep vehicles are some of the oldest mass produced vehicles. Others credit Jeep with the beginning of what would become the sport utility vehicle. Despite changes in consumer expectations and market value Jeep has continued to be successful and has carved a place for itself in automobile history.

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