Jeep Commander


The introduction of the Jeep Commander was highly anticipated. It is known as the most spacious and only seven-seater vehicle produced by Jeep. Indeed, from its physical attributes alone, the Jeep Commander commands attention. It was voted to be one of the Top 10 Most Popular among new cars introduced in 2006.

The Jeep Commander is yet another attempt by Jeep to combine both the old and the new. With a classic Jeep exterior and a modern interior, the Jeep Commander received both criticism and praise. However, plenty of negative reactions resulted from the Jeep Commander’s physical appearance, a seemingly combined Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The squared look of the Jeep Commander may be attributed to Jeep’s classic styling, but its large size, coupled with a bulky-looking, squared-off design makes it look a tad too stout. Even the side view mirrors looks stocky. The overbearing size of the Jeep Commander also makes it unsuitable for smaller drivers. Smaller drivers may have difficulty seeing up to the size of a small child. The Jeep Commander also has a slanting structure; the second and third row seats are elevated. The positive effect of the slanting roof is that it gives those sitting at the back more head room. Leg room, however, is another thing. Nevertheless, the Jeep Commander would still be a good choice for a travel vehicle. Not for long trips, however, because the Jeep Commander’s cargo capacity is a bit limited. The priority may have been placed on the seven-passenger seating capacity, leaving a cramped space for cargo. To get a flat load floor, the seats would have to be folded down and sacrificed.

Despite the complaints about its exterior, the dash looks excellent. The Jeep Commander’s interior features include a CommandView sun roof and twin skylights for the second row occupants. However, given the use of too much plastic in the interior would make the Jeep Commander seem too pricey.

The Jeep Commander offers three engines to choose from, two of which are V8 engines, and the remaining a V6. Fuel mileage, however, is another low point for the Jeep Commander. It also has three trims – the Jeep Commander Sport, Overland and Limited. The Jeep Commander Sport delivers fairly well with power windows, door locks, power driver seat, and a CD-enabled sound system. The Jeep Commander Limited, however, is a far upgrade, with heated leather seats, climate control and rain-sensing wipers. The Jeep Commander Overland features a special interior and exterior trim.

The Jeep Commander also offers special features such as a navigation system that is DVD-based, UConnect hands free communication, SmartBeam headlamps, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. All these features are even more apparant traces of modern technology placed in the classic-looking Jeep Commander.

The Jeep Commander naturally bears the Jeep trademark. It is Trail Rated for various driving conditions, but the Jeep Commander’s bulk may compromise its off-road excellence a bit. It would not do the Jeep Commander any good to be compared to the smaller off-road vehicles, but in its own line, its Jeep-rated trail performance would still be considered good enough. The better news is that the Jeep Commander is packed with safety features that may be expected from a Jeep vehicle. It has both Brake and All-Speed Traction Control Systems, and Electronic Limited Slip Differential. Jeep Commander also happens to be the only Jeep vehicle with Electronic Roll Mitigation, which enables airbags to activate during certain rollover circumstances. Aside from that, it has excellent crash protection, with both multi-stage and side-curtain airbags, seatbelts with pretensioners, and BeltAlert for extra precaution. This makes the Jeep Commander all the more an ideal family travel vehicle.

Aside from the Jeep Commander’s Rocky Mountain edition, here is one jeep vehicle that is yet to be revolutionized. There is indeed much in store for the Jeep Commander. The positive acclaims it has received, despite the downsides, still shows that it has a promising potential. For prospective buyers, it may be best to wait for later models of the Jeep Commander to eliminate the problems that still need refinements and to receive a better deal. 

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