Jeep Commander


The Jeep Commander is currently the biggest production model form Jeep. It can carry up to seven occupants comfortably in three rows of seats. The Commander is essentially a Grand Cherokee underneath, but has a longer body and a different casing. Quite a number of auto experts have expressed concern about the closeness of the seats to the rear tailgate, but Jeep has reinforced it to make it safe in the event of a rear crash. Suspension is soft and the steering has been modified to give it the the feel of a comfortable family vehicle. For its size, its certainly very easily driven and steering is relatively light. The underpinnings are soft and this gives Commander the desired smooth ride but it has perhaps too much lean and sway on corners and sharp turns. The front end tends to bob on uneven roads. Style wise, the Jeep Commander attempts to mimic the Cherokee and that classic Jeep styling of yore.

Please view some great images of the Commander from Jeep

2007 Jeep commander
A first look t the 2007 Jeep Commander
2007 Jeep Commander Interior
A look inside the 07 Jeep Commander